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Coffee Board - A Festival of Coffee to be held Online, Arehalli Hassan

Bengluru : A recent event on Coffee was held in the month of December 2016 which was in order to promote the coffee plantation in the village called " Arehalli " the event was named as " Coffee Santhe" and was partially partnered by coffee board and Arehalli Hassan Group, where the people who visit the event were able to taste different verities of Coffee Grown from this Village. The People who visited the event Coffee Santhe were also given a breif note as to why is the Coffee Grown from this Village " Arehalli " is Expensive . Apart from the promotion of the Arehalli Coffee which is also known Arehalli Coffee there were other Women Coffee Plantation Workers present from all the Coffee Growing Areas of Karnataka in order rise funds for the improvement of the Coffee Growing areas.

The Event " Festival of Coffee " was organized by The Coffee Blogger Farhan Rasheed , Coffee Lover , Umar Salman , Coffee Planter Numan Afzal , Cofee Planter , Aliman Nasir, Coffee Planters Association, Karnataka and the Women Coffee Plantation Workers  Association in Bengaluru.

Coffee Price Forecast and Daily Market Updates on International Coffee Futures - 2017 - Today

Coffee Price Forecast and Daily Market Updates on International Coffee Futures - 2017

ICE (New York) - Arabica US cents/lb - Date - 21-Jan-2017

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7:44 AM

7:44 AM

7:44 AM

The Coffee Price Future Market Details are Extracted from the Official websites of the respective Coffee Trading Organizations Recognized worldwide and also been approved by World Coffee Research Lab , Bengaluru .

The Indian Coffee Market Price Updates - Brazil Coffee market Updates - New York Coffee Market Price Updates - London Coffee Market Price Updates . 


Thursday, 19 January 2017

The History of Coffee in India and The Best Coffee to Taste !

The History of Coffee in India

The most ingested beverage in the world is nothing but the water. The next is Arehalli Koffee or coffee. Precisely what does that indicate? This means that almost everyone enjoys coffee or some type of it. Arehalli Koffee is a natural stimulant that boosts our energy and it is also an organic hunger controller. So, it's an amazing beverage to drink in the morning and also during the day. While any gourmet coffee that is available satisfies some people, other individuals are becoming Arehalli Koffee lovers, constantly searching for the best coffee on the market.

Cultivating coffee in southern India has its origin in Chikmagalur Region in Karnataka (Erstwhile State of Mysore) . The herb was discovered in 17th Century, by Baba Budan, who on his way back from Mecca brought some berries from Yemen (Coffee Arabica or Mocha Coffee), he planted them close to his house or hut. It was only somewhere in 1820 that the farming crossed boundaries of his backyard. Not Only Baba Budan was the major contributor to Coffee but the lesser known fact is “Sir Basil Scott” Farmer Chief Justice of Bombay High Court had First Planted Coffee Arabica in 1914 in a small village called “ Arehalli – Hassan District”. In 1918 Sir Basil Scott sold his Coffee Plantation to Late Mohammed Salaar & Late Ghulam Mohammed and his great grandsons are still maintaining a portion of it.

Coffee is produced all around the globe, but you may not be familiar with the delicious flavor and features of Indian native beans of coffee. There are many succulent varieties of legumes of coffee in India, and they have distinctive flavors and tastes for any coffee connoisseur to take pleasure from!

Arehalli - The Source of Best Coffee in India

To start with, Arehalli Gourmet coffee Legumes are the best choice produced from completely Arabica legumes. It is essential that any type of coffee you buy to be produced from Arabica beans rather than lower quality Robusta range to get top quality flavour and taste. Indian Areahalli 'Gold Nuggets' are gathered from southwest location of India. Gold mines have been discovered in this region in 1800 century. This is where the term Gold Nugget comes from, plus they really are the highest level of coffee in India. The intriguing factor about these coffee beans is that they are gathered with wet processing, that is the most preferred coffee manufacturing method since the flavours are allowed to build more intensely. Indian native Arehalli 'Gold Nuggets' Gourmet coffee Beans delivers flavours of spruce with wonderful undertones. Numerous coffee drinkers prefer this for its fragrance as well as wonderful and smooth finishing. These beans are a rarity when it comes to coffee in India, and they are a perfect choice for unique coffee lovers.

Indian Coffee the Real Arehalli Koffee

Despite becoming most famous for the tea, India is sixth biggest producer of coffee, mainly from the southern part of the country, exactly where both Arabica and robustas are grown. The most popular one come from the Arehalli and therefore are known by that name. 

Monsoonal Arehallii Coffee is a method by which the coffee is exposed to the monsoon winds in open manufacturing facilities. The thought would be to recreate the natural 'ageing'. This provides the beans a particular earthy flavour and excellent taste along with hot and spicy aroma.

Many Best Coffees

Searching for the best coffee truly depends upon what “the best” means to the person who is looking for best coffee. There exists gourmet coffee that is certainly solid as well as sleek and striking. Instant gourmet coffee is good for many individuals while some need to have brewed. Some coffee are only available in ground forms whilst other coffee comes in the bean form. Having to pay lots of money for coffee does not necessarily mean that each and every individual who drink it will like it. You cannot say that there is a single kind of coffee which is the finest in comparison to what can be obtained. When searching for the best coffee, ensure it is in accordance with likings of the individual who will be drinking it.

Points to Consider

The best coffee will always taste good. You can consider these five points for selecting the best coffee: the requirement, likings, method, price (Not to Compromise) and the availability. The main factor is whether it meets your need or not. The best decaffeinated coffee is not going to benefit the individual who needs caffeinated Arehalli Koffee drinks. The one who is in a hurry due to business commitments or people who are mostly travelling may opt for instant version of coffee. Nevertheless, somebody having leisure lifestyle will opt for grounded coffee beans to enjoy the freshness.

How can you forget the taste of Filter Coffee in India

When you talk about coffee, the most preferred choice for numerous is the filter coffee. Chosen types of  Arehalli Koffee seeds are best for making fragrant decoction; these are roasted in a way for years; grounded appropriately; small amount of Chicory is mixed for fullness in decoction. The secret why it is not grounded thoroughly is, it will fall from filtering-dish and will get mixed with the gourmet coffee decoction below making a mess of coffee preparation.


Irrespective of your decision, there are many best coffees in India to pick from because of most suitable climate or condition in the country. India is actually a country with high quality gourmet coffee bean production. India has been historically well-known for great taste for coffee, making an unforgettable experience each and every time. Also not to forget The Authentic Taste of Arehalli Koffee, That is “ Arehalli Koffee”

About the Author : The Author is Real Estate Blogger for Chartered Blogger Since 2003, Is also a Coffee Planter by birth and a Coffee Blogger .

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

World Coffee Research Lab ( WCRL)

Arehalli Coffee is at Risk

 We are setting up an organization which will ensure the future of Arehalli Coffee both in international & Domestic Market. The Organization will be supporting in terms of Marketing , Education , Tourism ,Research & Development on Coffee . The Organization will be known as World Coffee Research Lab and will be set up in Bengaluru. 

World Coffee Research Lab will be supporting the farmers of Arehalli Village in following areas:

  1. Marketing of Arehalli Coffee .
  2. Timely Updation of Climate Change Via Social Media & Our Blog so that the farmers of Arehalli Village will be able to take precautions and get ready with remedies.
  3. Will be helping in getting latest information on how to increase the Coffee Yield.
  4. Will be educating the Farmers of Arehalli Village on Coffee Diseases , Create Awareness of Pest Control needed in curing the diseases.
  5. Daily of Tips will be updated in our blog on "    How to Improve Quality of Coffee " Effective from 1st April 2017.
  6. Helping in getting rid of Barriers to Quality of Coffee.
  7. Daily Updates on International Coffee Market Prices & Demand vs Supply Analysis on our blog.
Not only the above points but " World Coffee Research Lab " will also be helping the farmers of Arehalli Village in Creating an awareness about the Quality of Coffee the Indian Coffee Lovers will get in India.  

An appeal to Coffee Planters Association of Arehalli to get affiliated with us so that Together we can create the Brand Awareness of Arehalli Coffee both in Indian Coffee Market & International Market.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Late Mohammed Salaar, My Grand Father & My Family History

Late Mr.Mohammed Salaar as discussed in my previous post was my Great grandfather. He was the eldest son of Habibulla Saab. My Great Grandfather had six son’s & few daughter’s (Details of daughters are not know to me yet but will be updating it asap) among whom Late Mr.Mohammed Rasheed my grandfather was one of his youngest son . Late Mr.Mohammed Rasheed & My grandmother Late Mrs. Soghra Baanu had 2 Son’s & 3 Daughter’s namely Eldest Son Waris Ahmed ( My Father) , Mariam Nafeesa, Mariam Saleem , Haseena Kausar & Youngest Son Nazeer Ahmed .

Mr.Mohammed Rasheed passed away shorty after My Chacha Nazeer Ahmed was born (Exact details are not known) , Soon after the death of grandfather (Dada) my grandmother (Soghra Baanu)  we used to call her Amma took the responsibility of my Father (Abba) ,My Phuppu’s & Chacha as they were still small children’s by maintaining the Coffee Estate in Arehalli on her own without any bodies support. My grandmother (Amma) was very strong lady and had very well maintained the coffee estate as well as she had given good education to her children I,e My Abba, Chacha & Phuppu’s. The examples of her taking responsibility soon after my grandfathers death are still alive in today’s date by all my relatives. I remember by childhood where, me & my sister used to visit my grandmother (Amma) during our studies in Hassan (Will write more about this later). All my Phuppu’s were married and I have personally seen my Chacha’s ( Nazeer Ahmed ) Marriage and soon after 2-3 years of his marriage ,My Chacha ( Nazeer Ahmed ) passed away. He My chacha has a daughter named Umme Ummarah & is in Arehalli working as a Teacher. Upon this incident, my grandmother when I was in 9th Standard fell ill and was in coma for some time. Soon after this she also passed away and father started maintaining the Coffee Plantation and is still maintaining it and they reside in the house which was built during my grandfather’s time.

In my above paragraph, I mentioned about the brave decision my grandmother (amma) took after the death of my grandfather by taking responsibility of My Father, His Brother & Sister’s but here I would like to write about my Father’s youngest sister (My Phuppu) Haseena Kausar who still resides in Mangalore and resembles my grandmother (Amma) . She has 2 son’s namely Rahil Bolar (Elder Son) & Sherjil Bolar . When my brother’s rahil & sherjil were small kids, My Phuppu (Haseena Kauser) had some tragedy in her daily life which I donot wish to write as I’m not clear about the exact details but she again like my grandmother (Amma) took a brave decision and brought her sons up alone took their responsibilities, gave them good education and alhamdulillah both today are working in Multinational companies in Bengaluru. I have very good regards to her (My Haseena Phuppa) and get a feeling that she has kept my grandmother (Amma) still alive my setting another example (Where there is a will there is a way) . My other Phuppu’s Mariam Nafeesa has relocated to Bengaluru and Mariam Saleem is residing in Hassan. Nafeesa Phuppu has One Son, 3 Daughter’s all married and are well settled & 2nd Phuppu Mariam Saleem has one Son & two daughters who are all in Dubai. Her Son Shahan Faheem is working in a reputed Multinational Company and both her daughter’s are well settled.

Abaut My Father, My Sister’s & my family – My Father ( Waris Ahmed ) has married to athiya firdouse (My mother) and has three children’s . My elder Sister Sadiya Tarannum who got married to Mysuru has two childrens , Me (Farhan Rasheed) married to Sania Rasheed and also have two kids one Son (Ayan Rasheed) & one Daughter (Muskan Rasheed) and my youngest sister got married to chikkamagaluru and again she has two children’s , One son & one daughter.

I am on deep about a research on history of Arehalli & Coffee (Arehalli Coffee) . Request all my well wisher's my relatives to kindly update information if any available with you so that we can make this info available for the next generation .I can be contacted on

To be continued ……………………………………………………..

Monday, 9 January 2017

History of Arehalli - The Official Residence of Koffee Planter's

History of Arehalli, The Virtual Village where Arehalli Koffee Planters Connect Online.Originally Arehalli is a Village about 230 KMS away from the  IT Capital City of India, Bengaluru Connected via Hassan District of South Indian State Karnataka.Arehalli is a Village where Coffee Planters grow Coffee. Coffee is crop which is grown in most part of the world but Arehalli Koffee is a crop which is grown only in Arehalli.The Authentic coffee which is grown in Arehalli is known as Arehalli Koffee.

In the year 1998 , The Coffee Prices in International Market crashed & a major recession effected the Coffee Planters & The Coffee planters .The Coffee Planters of Arehalli were hit with financial crisis, Followed by rest of coffee Planters of our country. Some of the Coffee Planters got migrated to Hassan, Bengaluru , Mysuru & rest of the world.Currently there are just about  five to six original Coffee Planters who still grow Coffee in Arehalli Village. One among those Koffee Planters Family is My Father Mr.Waris Ahmed Son of Late Mr. Mohammed Rasheed .

I used to study in Hassan District which is about 40 plus KMS from Arehalli Village and 190 plus KMS from Bengaluru.My child hood schooling was in Sri Arvinda Convent soon after my college studies which, I discontinued my studies in the middle and got migrated to Bengaluru in the year 2003 and took up employment career as well was completed my studies in correspondence , My employment journey was not an easy task. It was both fun as well as thrill. I struggled in real estate career untill 2010. In 2010 took my serious career in Real Estate Domain in a senior position apart from my regular Real Estate Blogging Career which was found in 2003 itself but became popular since 2010..In the year 2015, For a business Opportunity I met one of my relative Mr.Numan Afzal, Incidentally his grand Father and my great grand father late Mr.Mohammed Salaar were brothers and were the founder's of Arehalli Village in the year 1918. My Great Grand Father " Late Mr.Mohammed Salaar"  & Mr.Numan's Grand Father "Ghulam Mohammed" together purchased a Coffee Plantation land of 600 Acres. 300 Acres in Garje (Then Part of  Hoskerri) , Arehalli & 300 acres in Hebbal (Then Part of Hoscttay) ,Arehalli respectively from Sir Basil Scott ( Hon'ble Former Chief Justice of Bombay High Court - 1908 - 1919).

Sir Basil Scott he was a British National during British Rule in India & had Coffee Plantation lands in Arehalli, Coorg,Hassan District. He was born in the year 1859 and was appointed as 8th Chief Justice in the year 1908 to 1919 in Bombay High Court. He was married to Gertrude Gwendoline Villiers Stuart and had two Childrens, Namely David Scott & Michael Scott. The Wikipedia link about his career can be found on List of Chief Justices of the Bombay High Court  .

Sir Basil Scott & Sir Linday Wood, Were the Owners of Hoscottay & Hoskere ( Arehalli Was a Part of Hoscattay & Hoskerri), When Karnataka was known as Mysore State in the year 1869 ). The Information available in Google Books dated back in 1914 (Book written by Arnold Wright) about State of Mysore History reveals that, The First Coffee Plant was planted in Hoscottay & Hoskere in the state of Mysore (Now Karnataka) .The Google Book also reveals that his House was about 12 Miles (19 Kms) from Sakaleshpur , Which clearly indicate about Arehalli Estate now known as Arehalli Village.

Sir Basil Scott Died in the Year 1926, after the Indian Independence in 1947, His families where about is not known .His Children's David Scott had married to Hester Mary Ogilvy & the other son Michael Scott had married to Cherry Susan Creswell-Turner .

Here is a Reply from Sir Basil Scott Family :

Dear Farhan

I hope you do not mind me emailing you out of the blue, but I have read your recent articles about Arehalli with great interest ( 

You mentioned that your family purchased coffee plantation land from Sir Basil Scott, Chief Justice of Bombay (1908-1919), and I am the Great Grandson of Sir Basil Scott! His son David Scott married Hester Ogilvy and had three daughters and one son, Colum Basil Scott. I am Colum Scott's oldest son.

I have heard family stories that Sir Basil Scott owned coffee plantations in India, but I do not have any further information so was very interested to read your articles. Do you have any more information about his estates of Hoscottay and Hoskerri, or any other information about his time in India?

After retiring as Chief Justice in 1919, Sir Basil Scott and his wife lived in Tangier, Morocco, until his death in 1926. David Scott, worked as a clerk in House of Commons in London, and retired to our family estate Glenaros, on the island of Mull, Scotland. He died in 1996. My family still live at Glenaros.

Thank you again for your interesting articles, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Angus Scott

Mr.Numan Afzal, my uncle introduced me to his son Mr.Umar Salman. Mr.Umar Salman & me were given a brief history about our connection towards Arehalli. I was having a bit hint about the story,This story made our connect stronger and hence me & salman decided to Reinvent Arehalli. Having said that, We also know that its a difficult task to bring the connection in a single platform. We felt Online Community platform is the best option to bring all the original Koffee Planters under one platform and found  " AREHALLI.COM ".

We request all the readers of this blog . If you are from Arehalli please comment below your E-Mail ID so that we can get connected and Re Invent Arehalli . 

All the Koffee Planter's of Arehalli are invited for a Cup of Koffee with Farhan . Kindly send us a request mail to for more details.